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Website Maintenance - hourly-

You may already have a  website that’s attractive, engaging and optimized for search engines. However, you may not want to get fully entangled with it’s marketing aspects or have to worry about maintaining its reputation yourself. Our website maintenance packages free you so you have time to concentrate in servicing your clients. We offer both technical maintenance and SEO maintenance or a combination of both, dependent on your requirements.

We understand  if you want to manage your customer and leave the rest of the work to professionals. Advertisers Galleria can take care of your website maintenance including your marketing  goals, so that you don’t have to worry about these tasks. We’ve have a customer focused and task based packages for each customers needs. We have created different , yet affordable website maintenance packages; from the fully SEO focused,  a technical maintenance oriented plan, as well as an order per need package. .

Our web maintenance packages are designed to:

  • Ensure your website evolves with changing technology  demands and marketing trends to help marketing your leadership status.
  • Provide sells boost through targeted on-page and off-page search engine optimization to increase ranking and boost SERP
  • Offer peace of mind through timely updates, security checks and technical support to meet hosting standards and site productivity

Website Maintenance Services - Absolute Control

We provide you with options when it comes to support. Our sites are designed to give you total control. Through the inbuilt CMS, we provide an intuitive editor and page builder that allows you to edit and change any aspect of your content; from text, to images, to creating beautiful layout and styling. Even google knows how important website maintenance services are.

On the other hand, if you are too busy to handle this from your end, we do offer affordable website maintenance packages. Either way, you are in control!

We manage everything for you

This is the route most people take to management their website. You could still have your own website host and domain name or we could provide these for you….as you wish. When any changes are required on your site, you send all the details to us and we take it from there.

This services is fee based depending on time, workload and period allocated. We provide affordable maintenance services that cater for diverse client needs. This also includes updates such as software, security, platform & more.

Take out the stress of managing your own site and concentrate on serving your customers. Let us do the dirty work for you!

You manage everything on your own

With this option you are in control of your own content and to some extend your site infrastructure; software, updates, security, etc. We would set up your website so you can login to the dashboard to access the back-end and make whatever changes you need on your schedule.

We go to great lengths to make the dashboard user friendly, and will even provide you with online links to tutorial video resources to guide you on managing your site.

If at any time, you find something you need advanced technical support on, we are still able to provide this, though at a higher premium as compared to our managed maintenance services.

A Few Basic ways to Monitor your Website for Web Maintenance Issues

I recommend a set up that involves a monitoring system. For example, I recommend setting up CodeGuard (, which backs up your website and notifies you of any code changes on your website. This is helpful because it notifies you when someone hacks into your site or changes the code. For WordPress sites, I would recommend a tool like Wordfence, which not only block exploits, but warns you of code changes.

You should also be monitoring your online brand at all times. There are several ways to do this. You can set up Google console ( to monitor performance changes. Google will alert you if there are any major issues detected with your website.

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Key Benefits of Website Maintenance

Software Updates

Websites often involve complex software applications, and Just like any operating system, they also do need to be kept up to date for security and performance reasons. Whatever the application your site is built on will require regular update. For WordPress, Magento, OpenCart and most opensource content management systems, this would involve core software, plugins and theme. Server updates are also a necessity if hosting on a self managed platform.


Websites contain thousands of lines of code which run based on the hosting software on your server. When hackers discover vulnerabilities in the code, The exploit it to hijack or compromise your application. To prevent this from happening, it is imperative that you keep your hosting server’s software, and your website’s software updated with the latest patches and security releases. Even with all these security measures, your website can still get hacked. In the event of this happening, you need to be able to remove the virus, clean up the website and restore the data. You can’t be 100% hack proof, but with regular website maintenance, you can be in a better position for a speedy remedy.

Fresh Content

Fresh content keeps your readers coming back. The biggest drawback to a great site is outdated content. It gives the impression of a lazy, undependable business owner who is not paying attention to their business. An outdated website may also give potential customers the notion that you may be going out of business.


Search engines prefer sites that are fast, without errors, well maintained and above all; well written fresh index-able content. So, taking care of technical SEO and feeding search engines with fresh content will ultimately help your website rank better.


Your site should be regularly  backed up in case something goes wrong and the site needs to be restored.

To Integrate New Features

With the rapid changes in technology, it has become increasingly important to have features on your site that keep pace with your industry and customer expectations. The easiest way to implement this emerging technologies and stay ahead of the curve is through regular website maintenance.

Improving Customer Experience

Your website represents your corporate image to the world. It is the first impression that a potential client gets of your business. For this reason, it’s important that your website meets your customer’s expectations!

A below par functioning website is a potential disaster for your business. Routine website maintenance can make sure that you do not face this dilemma. Some of what needs to be monitored is:

  • Page speed can get affected by excessive site downtime, slow-loading pages and too many function calls or redirects. Through regular website maintenance, you can correct subtle changes in these areas before they become drastic.
  • Broken links can cause lose business. Visitors to your site will often abandon it when they get 404 error “page not found” messages.  These messages presents a poor user experience.
  • Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes should be corrected preferably before your customer brings them to your attention.

To Reach Every Client

With new technologies, comes new ways to reach your potential clients. Be it through new devices or new social media avenues. All these need to be integrated on your website to keep your business current. Since usability is at the core of every application, a website maintenance plan is the sure way to give you reach.  A recent change that have affected this phase is the need for mobile responsiveness and the new requirement to have all websites secured with SSL certificates. With each new advance in technology, website designs face a new hurdle and needs to catch up. Website maintenance guarantees that your business stays visible and  ensures compliance with these new changes on the web.

Why do you need Website Maintenance?

Well, there is a reason why you take your car to the mechanic rather than handle it on your own. Sure, some of you are equipped to handle this, but most of us are better off leaving it to professionals. Much like your car, how well your website runs, rides heavily on your website being a valuable source of information. We offer a full range of business website support services; Complete SEO with Maintenance BundleTechnical Maintenance and Hourly Maintenance service. If you’re interested in a maintenance contract for your web site browse through the above listed packages, or, contact us to learn how we can be of service.

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We offer 2 maintenance options:

Technical Website Maintenance

What's does website technical support entail?

Technical support in website maintenance involves the act of regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes that may affect its underlying technology. This needs to be done on a consistent basis in order to maintain the health of the website, encourage continued traffic growth, and increase your SEO placement on Google.

Software and Server Upkeep

Our technical support includes software or application maintenance. This involves items such as;

  1. Redirecting broken links on your website to the relevant pages.
  2. Testing web forms to ensure follow-up actions and notifications still work
  3. Verify device responsiveness and cross browser compatibility.
  4. Pruning broken external links
  5. Making sure site os properly indexed in search engines and searchable online.
  6. Renewing and update of plugins
  7. Updating the core WordPress framework to the latest version
  8. Resolving complex issues affecting usability.
  9. Content edit and updates.

Support may also extend to server side issues like hosting configuration and security if hosting environment permits.

A well maintained website goes a long way in engaging and retaining your customers. Technical issues can bog down your website’s performance and discourage users from making that final decision to engage with your business. Just like we need a regular health check once in a while, your website requires frequent technical maintenance and upgrades.

At Advertisers Galleria, we offer website maintenance solution that are tailored to fit every budget.

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Technical Site Maintenance Plans

An overview of the technical support we provide under each plan.

Examples of website changes that are billable and not covered under the technical website maintenance plan include*:

  • New Webpage Designs: Creation of webpages not based on the existing webpage design of the site
  • Navigation restructuring or redesign: Extensive changes to the site’s navigation
  • Extensive/complex photo re-touching or manipulation
  • New site functionality: Shopping carts, news tickers, admin functions, etc.
  • Site redesigns: More than 50% of site requested to be reworked or changed
  • Interactive or animated features: Virtual tours, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization and PPC
  • Corporate Identity and logo creation or revisions
  • New content writing

Fill the details below to provide us with a basic profile of your website. We will then evaluate your site and contact with with further details on the maintenance package and when we can get started.

SEO Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization Maintenance Package

Everything you need to drive traffic and increase lead conversion

What is SEO Maintenance

SEO maintenance can generally be described as the on-going process of improving your rankings and building your website traffic through implementation of various recommended techniques. This requires an understanding of your website statistics and what is working and what is not, then evaluating this information to make informed decisions. To do this, you need to create or refine your action plan, which may include adding fresh relevant content, adding inbound links from quality sites, or making on-site adjustments to refine your meta properties; titles, headings, descriptions, calls-to-action, etc.

A great way to monitor your SEO is through Google Analytics. I highly recommend that you set an account up for your property.

SEO Maintenance Legend


With information about your brand scattered across the digital ecosystem, it’s was never possible to see a single, complete view of how consumers interact with your business everywhere online, until now!


Voice-powered services like; Siri. Amazon Alexa. Google Assistant. Cortana relies on structured data to provide rich results like hours, addresses, or photos. So you need to ensure your website’s content is structured in a way that these services understand. We make it possible through structured data for these services to understand your services.


Pages helps you provide consumers with a contextual experience that makes the path to purchase easy, as well as the markup that search engines look for to provide rich experiences such as events, locations, and reviews to their users.


Our Listings puts you in control of the facts about your business across 100+ digital services globally. Our direct integration puts you in definitive control of how the information consumers find about your business — everywhere they search.


Reviews helps you generate authentic, first-party reviews directly from your customers, which can help you stand out in today’s new search experiences. And you can monitor and respond to reviews across the Knowledge Network, uncovering new opportunities to improve your operations and win more business.


Google. Google Maps. Amazon Alexa. Apple Maps. Facebook. Bing. Yahoo. Yelp. It doesn’t matter which map, app, voice assistant, search engine, GPS system, or social network consumers use to find and engage with your business. What matters is that they discover accurate, complete, and compelling information at every turn. This is now at your finger tips.


We will provide a dashboard from which you can manage your local citations, listing, reviews, maps listings, track analytics etc

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