Web Based Solutions to Grow Your Small Business

Web Based Solutions

You can’t run a successful small business in the 21st century without technology. Today, small business owners have limitless tech tools and services at their disposal, many of which can save you time and money. However, implementing these tech web based solutions can be a challenge, especially if you’re not the tech-savvy type. Keep reading to learn how you can overcome common online problems and make technology work for your small business!

Build a Business Website

According to Small Business Trends, a whopping 36 percent of small businesses don’t have a website or any web based presence! This is a big problem. More than 80 percent of consumers research a company online before visiting, so if you don’t have a website, you could be missing out on a huge chunk of sales. Many small business owners have no idea where to start when it comes to building a website for their brand. If you’re completely overwhelmed by it all, hire acclaimed web design and development company Advertisers Galleria instead of navigating the process on your own.

If you do have a website, take it to the next level! Improve the user experience of your website by optimizing your page speed, breaking up large chunks of text with headlines and bullet points, and ensuring your entire site is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Manage Projects in the Cloud

Cloud-based technology has the power to boost productivity in your business by a landslide. Anyone on your team can easily access information kept in the cloud—from anywhere in the world! Web based solutions such as the cloud provides a centralized location for everything to do with your business projects, including communication, document sharing, reviewing, and editing. The best part? It’s super affordable and easy to set up! All you need are the right apps and software tools, and you can get your team started right away.

Streamline Customer Service

Customer service is another element of your business that can easily be improved and streamlined. Replying to customer concerns and questions can take a lot of time—and there’s a lot of room for error. Keep everything organized and efficient with a good customer relationship management (CRM) system. Besides using this to communicate with customers, your CRM system will also help you discover new leads and better understand the needs of your customers to optimize your marketing efforts.

Explore New Marketing Channels

Marketing has come a long way since the days of posting ads in the local phonebook. Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is much more cost-effective. Using online web based solutions, you can easily monitor your marketing results and tweak your approach to reach your target audience more directly — without blowing your advertising budget. If you’re on a tight business budget, start with low-cost advertising. Create instructional videos on YouTube, post valuable content on social media, offer your expert advice on online forums, start a customer referral program, run a contest — your options are nearly endless!

Where to Find Help

While you can do all of this yourself, you’ll be spreading yourself extremely thin. Working with experienced freelancers will save you loads of time and give you access to the specific skills your business needs to successfully grow and expand. Here are some important freelancers to consider hiring for your small business.
  • Web developers who are familiar with SQL.
  • Writers to produce content for your blog.
  • Marketing professionals who can help you navigate digital advertising trends.
  • Social media managers to influence consumers on social media.
  • Customer service experts to keep your customers happy.
The small business world is continually evolving. In order to keep up with your competitors, stay on top of the most recent tech trends so you can take advantage of tools that cut costs, save time, and help expand your customer reach. With the right team behind you, you’ll have no problem optimizing your business for the online world!