The creative Process

Our entire creative process revolves completely around your needs. If you are looking for a website, features, marketing solutions and services that will revolutionize your business, look no further. We approach each project – irregardless of size – with the same level of attention and dedication. With our unique collaboration platform and method, we are with you every step of the way, making sure you fully own the process.

The website creative processIn the evolution of any systematic project, there is always a development process to be followed, whether written or otherwise. Any professional Web designer can attest to the fact that much of their work is repetitive. We find ourselves repetitively completing the same tasks, even if ever so slightly modified, again and again on each project. This is not to say that every significant web project does not poses its own unique challenges. Far from it, each has its own needs, requirements, targets, functions, etc., but the overall development process no matter how complex, generally follows five major stages that you should think through before crafting your final project planning and proposal documents.

By crafting a detail oriented website design and development process, we are able to speed up our work and help our clients understand their role in the project. Through this approach, we are able to organize our thoughts, plan of action, speed up a project’s timeline and provide a detailed plan of approach document to our clients.

As you consider the flow outlined below, note that the construction of the pages that make up the web site is one of the last things that takes place in a well-designed project.

Our creative process consists of these six phases:

How confident are you that your current website design is really working for you?

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Website Audit

Our Creative Process Flow


No two projects are the same. We dig into the details of your business and explore your options.



We take the time to learn about your project expectation and help shape your strategy.



We set goals, targets and objectives that will assist us in meeting your target goals and expectations.


We work with you and your team to deliver a beautiful website that exceeds your expectations.



After satisfactory completion your website sets sail, and we are there all the way to cheer with you.



Building on solid foundations, we amplify your brand and reach relevant audiences through SEO.


We systematically examine every detail to continuously improve your services and marketing objectives.


Now what to do?

Unlike most web design agencies, we do not let you walk the crowded web space on your own. We are here for the long haul. Remember our site management service in which we extolled the virtues of an Advertisers Galleria website, and how you can manage your own site or have us do it for you?  Well, this is where this comes handy. Though you are free to do-it-your-self, we highly recommend that you allow us, the professionals, guide you to your success. With our managed maintenance package, we do much more than just the technical work.

Our program is actually designed so allow you to concentrate on your customers while we build your business. How is this possible, you might ask?
Consider this; most if not all website maintenance packages are designed for basic edits and technical upkeep of the site. Ours Website maintenance options are much more robust taking into account business growth, customer acquisition through lead generation, on going market research and much more.

Ok, I see you are already too excite to hold back your curiosity… in that case……