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License renewal: Theme and associated plugins

Your Domain (url)
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$49/yr per domain

You are subscribing for theme and supported plugin updates. These provides security and feature updates on the theme’s foundation, alongside the supporting plugins and technology used to develop your site.

This is an optional choice, but highly recommended. Your site may still function without the updates, but any security issues patched in the latest update or feature improvements will not be available to you. This license is valid for one domain at $49 per year. 

Once you make your payment you will be send a license key code to update your theme.

Website Maintenance Cost

Our Website Maintenance Services Are Designed To:

  • Ensure your website evolves with changing technology demands and marketing trends to help marketing your leadership status.
  • Provide sells boost through targeted on-page and off-page search engine optimization to increase ranking and boost SERP
  • Offer peace of mind through timely updates, security checks and technical support to meet hosting standards and site productivity

On-Demand Website Management Services

Maintenance Packages

Support may also extend to server side issues like hosting configuration and security if hosting environment permits.

A well maintained website goes a long way in engaging and retaining your customers. Technical issues can bog down your website’s performance and discourage users from making that final decision to engage with your business. Just like we need a regular health check once in a while, your website requires frequent technical maintenance and upgrades. Advertisers Galleria offers a website maintenance solution that is just right for the pocket.

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