Site Analysis and Audit

Why do you need a Technical Website Quality Audit

The quality of a site depends on the quality and uniqueness of its content, a good back link profile and well executed technical components. Google may decide not to rank your site high enough in SERPs if it doesn’t meet Google Quality Guidelines

The importance of a technical site audit cannot be ignored if you run a web-based business. For starters, broken links may seriously affect your website visibility on search engines and on a more serious level, lower your search engine rankings. Technical problems can also damage your site credibility, as visitors are less likely to trust a website that is slow, hard to navigate or full of broken links.

Advertisers Galleria advices that you check the quality of your website at least once a quarter; however it is better to automatically check your website quality every month with the help of our report scheduler.

What to do with the Audit Report

The website audit report helps identify technical issues on your website and gives pointers and recommendations on what to fix. Broken links have to be fixed and the report shows which links are broken and where to find them. Search engines are sure that broken links ruin the user experience for websites.

The technical site audit report also advice on structural and layout issue on your site that may impact the visitor usage. The user browsing experience is to a greater extend influenced by the over site structure while the layout of the content will determine if the flow is engaging or not. Most page abandonment is as a result of not adhering to simple design rules.

Advertisers Galleria’s Website Audit report will help your site look clean and professional, as well as keep your visitors satisfied and interested. You will also get important information about the bottlenecks of the conversion funnel that will help you fix technical and marketing mistakes.