Site Maintenance

Proactive Site Maintenance

When you have a site, there is regular maintenance to do to make sure everything is running as should. There is server side maintenance that is normally handled by your host, but at times, some overflow items may need you to handle them yourself. Then there is the site maintenance itself, which requires software updates, edits, content updates, etc. If you do not know how to handle this items, or are too busy to handle them yourself, it may end up being a costly undertaking.

Advertisers Galleria offers an affordable and flexible site maintenance package to meet your everyday needs. Our guarantee is that we will complete any task requiring less than two hours in less than two days.

Starter Maintenance Package

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Site Monitoring

We are constantly scanning your website for even the slightest hint of an issue. If something goes wrong, we’re on it promptly. When a plug-in goes out of date, we update it….. you won’t even notice.

For example, say you are running a WordPress site and a new version of a plug-in becomes available.  As soon as this happens, our system generates a ticket to update your website. A member of our team logs in and updates the plug-in to the latest version while making sure the new version still works with your original framework..

Technical updates

One of the most time consuming yet mission critical tasks website owners face is staying up to date with the ever changing technology platforms, code updates and platform upgrades. Advertisers Galleria proactively approaches the management of your website with this in mind. That means we take care of all these tasks for you on a schedule. We’re in the business of technology and staying up to speed on what’s happening out there is just part of what we do every day. With Advertisers Galleria, your website, it’ code and platform infrastructure will be monitored and automatically upgrades as changes hit the market.

CMS Software upgrades

WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, etc., are just a few of a variety of platforms out there used by many businesses online for their web development. The chances are your website is built on one of these open source platforms. Since Advertisers Galleria most of these platforms, we are well equipped to handle related upgrades and component installations.

Content Edits

Since most companies and organizations do not maintain Web designers and developers on staff, their online presence often suffers. In the downward spiral that follows, your site will see its search rankings falter, its visitors fail to convert and your brand lose its shine and appeal.

Keeping your site up-to-date need not be a burden. Let Advertisers Galleria execute your edits and updates in a timely and professional manner. Professional Web maintenance services protect your site and investment and assure your needs for content management are met and exceeded.

Outsourcing your routine maintenance to Advertisers Galleria can substantially reduce your costs by eliminating the need for dedicated or part-time staff.