Advertisers Galleria Terms & Conditions

  1. Advertisers Galleria is a web design and web development company based in Baltimore, Maryland. All content on this website is proprietary to Advertisers Galleria and it’s web design and web development subsidiaries.
  2. Advertisers Galleria only accepts web design and web development agreements filled by email, phone, mail or fax.
  3. Signing a web design and development contract with Advertisers Galleria is deemed as a binding acceptance of our terms and conditions .
  4. All web design and development work done by Advertisers Galleria including coding, scripts, software, applications are a copyright of Advertisers Galleria and should not be reproduced, duplicated or resold without prior agreement with Advertisers Galleria.
  5. Advertisers Galleria will not be held responsible for content plagiarism from content provided by you, the client.
  6. Advertisers Galleria is not liable for failed deadlines or lose of content occasioned by website or server malfunction .
  7. Advertisers Galleria upholds intellectual property rights of others.
  8. Advertisers Galleria has the right to reject any project which we deem unfit to content or any other reason.
  9. All web design and web development material created by Advertisers Galleria such as HTML codes, texts, pictures, graphics, etc., will remain Advertisers Galleria’s property until the final fulfillment of the financial transaction.
  10. Advertisers Galleria is not responsible for rejection of clients website for listing by search engines due to abuse of listing policies by the client.
  11. Advertisers galleria guarantees cross browser compatibility.
  12. If a client chooses to terminate a project prior to its completion, Client is obligated to pay full commission for all finished work prior to the moment of termination.
  13. The client agrees to provide all content material used for creation of a website in agreed time.
  14. All trademarks displayed on our site are a property of Advertisers Galleria